How To Eat Healthier In 5 Simple Steps

how to May 11, 2017

Friends, family, patients... they all ask me tons of questions about how to eat healthy and make it a lifestyle.

So... to answer, I thought I'd give you the inside scoop on my own personal keys to a healthy diet.
I too have tried various diet fads over the years. They never worked in the long-term for me because they weren't sustainable. They weren't ever meant to be a way to eat from now until the end of time, you can get that from the marketing.

After all my personal trials, and through my experience with many patients, here are the 5 keys that make up the lion's share of my philosophy and approach to eating.

If after you've watched the video...

Are you feeling like you've "been there, done that"?

‚ÄčThen I challenge you to share the proof! If you found yourself saying that you've tried these things and they didn't work for you, I promise you did not give them a fair shake. Do them all together and for at least 3 months every day. Track your consistency and your progress with a diet diary. (If you did, and you got the data from where you tracked your efforts, let's see it! Email me, because if I'm wrong, I wanna know.)

With that objection out of the way... now I want to hear from you.

Which of these 5 strategies have you been slacking on? What's standing in your way? ... and what are you going to do about it?

I look forward to discussing your ideas down in the comments.

If this no-nonsense and simple approach to food is something you'd like a friend to hear, please share it! It may help someone in ways you don't even realize.

Thanks so much for watching!


P.S. Here is the link to the info on the 30 Day ZERO Sugar Challenge


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