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How To Turn Your Morning Shower Into A SPA TREATMENT!

how to Jun 07, 2017

Remember how refreshing your last dip in water was? Why not make that an every morning thing?

‚ÄčThe use of water to aid in healing (i.e. "hydrotherapy" goes back a very long way in the application of natural healing techniques. In naturopathic medical school, I was surprised and delighted to learn about the far reaching clinical benefits that can be derived from simple water.

In this episode, we'll be covering:

  • What is hydrotherapy?
  • How does it help?
  • plus... instructions for one of the simplest, yet most powerful hydrotherapy treatments I know of!

At this point, most patients tell me I'm crazy... and then proceed to tell me that something like that can't possibly improve health so drastically.

Ha! I dare you to try it for two weeks and then get back to me.

Always make your judgements about whether something works after gathering and assessing routine data, not after a moment's contemplation.

Thanks so much for watching, I'll see you again next week.

PS. Want printable instructions? Click here.

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