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fave thing Aug 02, 2017

How can sitting still, closing your eyes, and inwardly contemplating peace of mind and body help you to be healthier?

The truth is simple, many people act out in ways that not supportive to their health goals because they’re stressed, or they try to comfort themselves by eating food loaded with sugar and fat, drinking, smoking or even disappearing into TV for hours on end. (I know I'm sometimes guilty of that last one... netflix much?)

Focusing your mind on a place of calm lowers your stress level and reduces the craving to act out harmfully.

Weight gain is often the outcome of hormonal imbalances in the body, directly related to stress, and being a healthy weight with low stress hormones is vital to your personal goals, body and soul.

Reducing stress through focused mindfulness (meditation, if you’re open to that word) will go far toward decreasing the levels of stress hormones, which will lower the triggers to overeat, drink, smoke, worry, check out in front of the TV…whatever your unhealthy habits may be.

Focused mindfulness (meditation) is finally widely recognized by conventional medicine as providing powerful health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, lowering cortisol and leveling out blood sugar, improving mental health, and providing an enhanced sense of well-being (super important to health – who knew that, right?).

Listened to regularly, the attached recording and other tools like it, support physical and mental relaxation and self-discovery to support you to meet your lifelong health goals.

​For added benefit, why not download the recording to your phone and play it in your car or during your walk each day this week. Measure your stress before and afterward on a 1-10 scale, 1 being you’re fast asleep (haha) and 10 being total overwhelm. See if you can lower your number – even if you have to listen to the recording twice.


Laura Nurse, ND

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