The Only Cookbook With The Power To Change The Way You Feel About Vegan Food

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2015

I make it a priority to try out new recipes and learn to use new ingredients on a regular basis.

Needless to say, my kitchen has been sometimes been an interesting place to try and get a bit of decent grub... and I've acquired more than a few cookbooks in this process. Most of them go on the shelf in my home office, but there are a precious few (5 actually) that are awarded top priority real estate on the shelf by the microwave for quick access.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook; Vegan Recipes to Glow from the Inside Out, by Angela Liddon

You always know the treasured cookbooks in a woman's kitchen because they are covered in food smudges and the pages get wrinkled and sometimes stick together. I am pleased to share that this cookbook is one such gem!

Angela is a vegan and a blogger over at She's been at the vegan thing since 2008. For those who don't know, vegan means no animal-based products whatsoever. This includes things like eggs and milk. Her site is a veritable encyclopedia of deliciousness. I highly recommend you check it out...

Now... let's back to the cookbook! 

‚ÄčThe criteria that make it a winner?

  1. Recipes That Are Healthy Overall: I'm a naturopathic doctor. What do you expect? lol. These recipes are nutritious and have more than enough protein to keep you going.
  2. Minimal "Weird" Ingredients: Personally, I can handle a little bit of weird food. I even find it exciting to try. However, my fave dining partners don't necessarily relish the thought of it. Especially if it's a weeknight supper, it has to be "makeable" with ingredients I have on hand. Admittedly, I have a decently-stocked pantry... but nothing you can't find at your local Costco/major grocery store. No specialty trips were required while I was making these recipes. Yes!
  3. Ready Within 30-60 Minutes: Weekday suppers need to be on the table pronto. Enough said.
  4. Recipes Only Require Basic Kitchen Gear: I don't often enjoy making complex recipes with all sorts complicated equipment that needs to be hand-washed. It's just too fussy... and I am a minimalist at heart when it comes to kitchen gear, so the less gadgets the better.
  5. Recipes That Consistently Pass The Deliciousness Test: This criteria goes without saying. I know it's a winner when it tastes so yummy, even I - a dedicated portion princess - would break my rule and make room for a second helping.
  6. Filling Enough For A Man: As an added bonus, I was delighted to discover that the recipes would hold the appetites of several full grown men I know. Even they were shocked. I just smiled.

Anyhow... Check out some photos of the meals I have made right from the book:

I also tried half a dozen other recipes in the book with excellent results... What you will also find really great is that you can substitute and adapt the ingredients in the recipes to what you have hand (within reason, of course) and it will still be a hit!

You can check out the book on amazon via the link here:

The Oh She Glows Cookbook, by Angela Liddon

(FYI: If you purchase via that link I get a small thank you commission for the referral.)

Now, I'd Like To Hear From You!

Have you tried this cookbook? What do you think? What recipe should I try next?


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