You deserve a HEALTHY body that feels GREAT to live in.

Dr. Laura Nurse
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Healthy Eating - Simplified!

With all the dieting trends out there, the marketing speaks louder than the research. It's hard to know what to do.

In this FREE DOWNLOAD I share my personal "eat healthy" strategies! Nothing complicated, weird, or fancy. Just the simple easy to stick to rules of thumb that put healthy choices on auto-pilot and keep me, my patients, and 1000 + blog readers) slim and trim.


I'm Dr. Laura.

A naturopathic doctor, entrepreneur, & proud Newfoundlander dedicated to helping you leverage the power of healthy living so you can feel GREAT in that beautiful body of yours!


Optimal health is both a journey and a destination.

As a naturopathic doctor my role is to help you create your own road map for optimal health and then, to guide you along the way.

That means;

  • teaching you the principles of health creation using diet and lifestyle
  • ensuring you're taking the right steps in the right order for your body and needs
  • clarifying your vision of a what a healthy, beautiful (or handsome), and strong body means for you
  • getting to know you personally, and your unique situation and lifestyle
  • going the extra mile to educate you about how to maintain your health in-between paid visits too










With in-person and virtual consults I am able to help you one-on-one figure out the best plan for improving your health.


Prescription Refills

If you are a current patient of mine, you can refill your prescription online via your FullScript account. (If you have not been set up for this, please contact me directly.)


Wellness Courses

With my online wellness courses you are able to continue your learning from the comfort of home.


Online Courses Help You Learn Even More

Ready to take the next step and invest in your health? Browse my online wellness course offerings and start learning right where you are. Some are available all the time, some I only run periodically with a live group.

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Be The Change

Giving back is part of how I run my practice.

When you invest in your health through working with me or enrolling in one of my courses, you're also creating meaningful change in our beautiful province. With every purchase, you support various community projects aimed at improving the health of our friends, family, and fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.



Are you a "Natural Newbie" but ready to embrace a wellness lifestyle?

Or... Maybe you're just looking to get on track with basics of a health lifestyle?

If you are tired of being fed up with a diet, trendy workouts, and the latest health craze ... and all you wanna do is make some simple healthy changes in your life, the important ones that will really move the needle for your health , then you are exactly who I created this cheatsheet for!

It's perfect for anyone wanting to get on track with their basics in place.

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