Quick fixes just don't work.

You know what really matters for improving your health are the everyday, diet and lifestyle, gotta-work-at-it, habits and routines.

Your body has the capacity to heal if you can just support it in the right ways... but which ways are they, anyway? When the wellness industry's marketing is louder than the research, it's hard to know what to do, let alone avoid getting sucked in by the latest health fad.

I'm here to help you sift through it AND help you focus on the changes in your diet, lifestyle, and surroundings that will count in short and the long-term.

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​Admittedly, I've always been a health nut. Growing up I was always involved in sports and fitness in some way, and I always dreamed of helping people become healthier using their diet and lifestyle. However, if you had asked me then if I would become a doctor, I would have said, "Heck no! They work too hard." lol. That was before I knew anything about naturopathic medicine, it's approach to healthcare, or the training of a naturopathic doctor. All I knew was that I loved teaching people to live healthier...

​So, while earning my bachelor's degree in Business Administration at Memorial University of Newfoundland I learned (by accident) what a Naturopathic Doctor was. At a job fair on campus, I did nothing more than pick up a pamphlet from a table while trying to network/rustle up an internship with a local company (it was all very "business-ey").

After leaving the fair, I was going through all the pamphlets, etc I had picked up... and there it was... this big brochure with the headline "You could be a doctor!" I had no idea where I got that pamphlet... but something made me open it.

I read about becoming the type of doctor that focussed on treating people using diet, lifestyle, and natural medicines and therapies. Reading the descriptions of therapies a Naturopathic Doctor uses, I was beyond excited. Something just clicked for me - and I thought - this is exactly what I always wanted to do, I just didn't know what you called it!

And just like that, my decision was made. I knew in my heart I was meant to become a Naturopathic Doctor. Moments like that in your life, where you just know something is meant to be, are rare indeed. Heed them! I am grateful every day for that moment.

The 4 year post-graduate program at The Canadian College Of Naturopathic Medicine was one of the hardest things I had ever done. The rigors of the medical program there broke me, more than once... but then re-built me in ways that I will be forever grateful for... but I'll save those details for another time. :)


​I am only stronger in my belief that every human body has the capacity to heal, especially when you support it with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Exactly what that looks like will vary for every person, of course, but my training and patient experiences have only served to prove the truth of this idea in my mind and heart.

I believe the missing key to sustained health for many of us (especially in Newfoundland and Labrador) is in leveraging the power of what you do every day to your body. Every human body can feel great to live in, but you've gotta treat it right! ​

In fact, I have come to understand that you can create a body that is far healthier than you might think is within reach for yourself.

Which brings me to you...


This website (and my work) is dedicated to helping you leverage the power of diet, lifestyle, and natural medicines to feel great in that beautiful body of yours! It doesn't matter if you are starting at square one or you've been your journey for a while now, if you're ready to learn and make some changes, I'm here for you.

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