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How To Pack A Naturally Minded Travel First Aid Kit

how to Apr 04, 2017

Are you planning a vacation soon?

Cruising? Backpacking? All-inclusive?

Regardless of your mode of travel and destination, a travel first aid kit is a must-pack item. The best kit is small and has you prepared for the most likely boo boo's and illnesses... and that means both some natural and some over the counter conventional medicines.

Here is the breakdown of the personal kit I take with me when I travel.


Quick Shopping Tip: Make this easy on yourself and purchase an all-in-one travel kit like this one. I use one very similar to this, but metal tweezers are a must (toss the plastic ones in this particular kit), always ensure there are fresh bandages before travel, and then I tuck my anti-septic ointment of choice inside.


  • selection of different size band-aids/bandages
  • some individually wrapped gauze squares
  • 1 triangle bandage for sprain/strains
  • surgical tape
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • individually wrapped antiseptic wipes
  • topical anti-septic cream: either bring a tube of polysporin or a tube of tea tree oil cream/ointment... whichever I have on hand in travel size.


You will need to build this yourself as I have not found a easy all-in-one option.


  • Grapefruit Seed Extract: It contains polyphenols that are moderately anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. Comes in a gel format and I put 5 drops in 1 L of water per day. It's gentle and consistent help for your immune system while you are being exposed to many new things. Be smart about it... it does not perfectly sterilize water, but it does help. (I've linked to an Amazon source above because it's hard to find locally.)
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C has fantastic immune boosting properties. Usually I dose 2000-3000 mg daily for whole trip for myself. It's generally very safe, but please check with your naturopathic doctor if this is appropriate for your unique health concerns and medications. Vitamin C can interact with some medications.
  • Pain Relief Options: Ibuprofen (Advil) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol), take whichever option works best for you and dose as per label when needed.
  • Diarrhea Relief: When you're travelling, this happens to all of us sometimes. I usually bring loperimide (Immodium), taken as directed on label. I don't waste time with natural options that take time if I'm this sick and just want to get back to vacationing.
  • Allergy Relief: anti-histamine cream and/or tablets (usually Benadryl), taken as directed on the label.
  • Any Destination-Specifics: prescribed (i.e. anti-malarials, etc.) if travelling to endemic area. This requires you check with your MD or local travel clinic for travel advisories and preparedness options (St. John's has JEMA travel clinic, and they're fantastic!). Take the time to be prepared ahead of time on this one.
  • Hang-Over Help: It's just not a vacation if you don't go all out at least one night! For this, I bring a B50 Complex, 1 tab taken before party, 1 tablet taken before bed after the party. Both with a large glass of water. Heads up, they will turn your urine bright yellow. (More info on B50s at the bottom of this post) Again, it's generally very safe, but does interact with some medications and health conditions. Be sure to check with your naturopathic doctor if this is right for you.
  • Muscle Tension Relief - Magnesium! I usually dose 300mg, before bed. Use when muscles are stiff after hiking excursions etc. leave you over-exerted and muscles sore and tense. (More about Magnesium) Also very safe, but check with your naturopathic doctor for medication interactions, etc.
  • Personal Prescriptions: Take a daily supply for the duration of your trip plus a few days! You need to be prepared in case you miss a flight or something else happens.
    Copies of health/medical insurance details for each person while traveling.

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Travel Tip: Please pack your Medications & Remedies Kit in their original bottles. I know it's tempting to try and pack them more efficiently, but please resist this. Don't take the risk of mixing them up or being flagged as a "drug mule" at customs. You have enough space to make your health a priority in your suitcase.

I hope this helps you prepare for your next vacation!




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