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MATCHA GREEN TEA - How To Use It for Improving Mental Focus and Energy

A healthy brain is an essential part of every human being; a positive mindset is also an important function and plays a significant role. But stress, inadequate sleep and a poor diet can lead to a foggy feeling that includes confusion, lack of memory, and poor work focus.

The green tea plant named ‘Camellia Sinensis’ in Latin is well known to improve these symptoms. To get even more relief from these symptoms, Matcha green tea was created by the Zen Monk, Eisai, in 1191 A.D. using specially grown and then processed green tea leaves; they are grown in the shade and are then ground into a powder. Matcha green tea is now considered as the healthiest form of green tea in the world!  Matcha green tea is the most powerful and effective format of green tea for it's health benefits and it was invented in Japan.

How Match Green Tea Works

Let’s explore what Matcha tea is, and how it can clear that brain fog.

People are so busy in their lives that they can sometimes forget to take care of their health. This can result in a lot of stress-related issues. Matcha is a strong and powerful instrument that helps boost energy levels and brain health. Its effect on brain health is more than 10 times that of regular green tea. Matcha green tea has caffeine but this is not the primary source of boosting energy because it has also included an amino acid commonly known as L-theanine. Research has shown that this amino acid can enhance alertness, improve your mood, and decrease stress. This plays a vital role in brain-boosting skills and abilities. Consuming matcha green tea supports a fresh, calm, relaxed feeling and encourages a more powerful and attentive feeling. Matcha helps attention span and is also considered a mental superfood.

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Most people like it because it boosts energy intensity in a unique way and increases your focus. There are a lot of benefits to daily consumption of matcha green tea, such as:

  • A decreased risk of cancer, diabetes, and other heart diseases.
  • Provides 100% of the tea’s nutrients because it is created with the complete tea leaf.
  • Supports all-day strength and stamina.
  • Provides additional nutrients not present in other steeped green teas.
  • Can relieve anxiety and decrease stress.
  • The active amino acid in matcha tea (L-Theanine) can improve memory and modify the brain waves.
  • Contains the additional antioxidant, EGCG, which has been shown in some studies to be helpful for weight loss and some cancer treatments.

For these reasons, enjoying a cup of matcha green tea is a healthy habit to add to your to-do list.  It is most commonly enjoyed as a tea or latte, and you can test out if you like it at your nearest coffee shop. If you choose to make it at home, you'll want to pick up a bamboo whisk to ensure it gets blended into your drink evenly. Your regular wire whisk just won't do it right. I've tried. Sometimes, I just give it a whiz with the boiled water and my almond milk/coconut milk in the blender, this has the added benefit of making it super frothy too! You can also enjoy matcha tea leaves with your breakfast by adding to Greek yogurt, oatmeal, muffins, etc. Get creative.

Here is an amazon.ca affiliate link for a beautiful tea ceremony kit to get you started drinking Matcha in style!

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Laura Nurse, BBA, ND
Naturopathic Doctor


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