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RECIPE: Ginger Lemon Tea

recipe Feb 15, 2017

This recipe for ginger lemon tea is an essential part of my cold-busting regimen. Essential information for anyone looking to get a head start on that cold/flu/sore throat. Good to use when you feel something coming on or when you are already sick. The best part is you have all the ingredients in the kitchen already!



* 1 litre of water
* 2 inch piece of peeled, thinly sliced fresh ginger root
* juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon (fresh juice is key!)
* lemon slices
* raw honey to taste (optional)


Step 1: First boil water.
Step 2: Then add ginger and continue to boil for 15 minutes. The water will turn golden.
Step 3: Remove from burner and add lemon juice.
Step 4: Toss 2 lemon slices in each mug, and pour tea in over top of lemon slices.
Step 5: If using, add honey to taste.
Step 6: Curl up with your favourite cuddly blanket and enjoy!

Optional experiment for brave souls with really blocked sinuses: try adding a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to your mug! Also, this recipe is great to chill and turn into iced tea.

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How It Works

Ginger: Aromatic and spicy, ginger really warms you up on a cold day! It turns up the heat by promoting healthy sweating, which is helpful during colds and flus. The fresh root is full of active medicinal compounds such as gingerol and dermicidin, it provides protection against invading micro-organisms.

Lemon: Most commonly known as a digestive aid, lemons also have potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds. It is a gentle acid that helps improve the function of your GI tract and fights micro-organisms. (Why do you think your Nan used to clean everything with it?) Best of all it is loaded with vitamin C.

Raw Honey: Has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties that help improve immune function and digestion. It's thickness and coating ability is also soothing to sore throats. Be aware that most commercial honey has been pasteurized during manufacturing, this processing destroys many on the medicinal compounds present in raw honey. When choosing honey for health benefit, consider this. Another important tip is to not give raw honey to infants and young children under 12 months due to the chance of botulism poisoning. This is not a danger for older children or adults, as their immune systems have matured enough by that age.

Cayenne: The ground dried fruit of the chilli pepper has heat! Capsaicin, the compound responsible for all that flavour, promotes circulation and has gentle pain relieving properties. If you are brave enough to stand the heat, go for it! 2 tips: be careful not to rub your eyes after handling it and start with a little and have a box of tissues on hand when using it to help with a blocked sinuses.

Now I'd like to hear from you!

  • Have you ever tried this?
  • What did you think?

I hope this recipe serves you the next time you have a cold/flu.



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