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WATER: Are You Getting Enough?

Most of us know drinking water is healthy, but...

How much do we need? What's the optimal amount? What if we're trying to lose weight? How does that change if I work out?

These guidelines will...


It's Gettin' Hot In Here! Natural Medicines For Hot Flashes

home remedy Mar 22, 2017

I see many of "HOT MAMMA's" in my practice. Out of every and any concern menopausal women have, hot flashes are hands down the most disruptive to their everyday life and sleep. Some women get...


Your Top 5 Questions About: ALCOHOL - Answered!

In "wellness land", we almost never talk about how much alcohol is okay to drink... we just condemn it as being bad for you. We are quick to point out how high carb, high calorie, and poisonous it...


Making Up For Deficiencies In Our Food Supply

how to Mar 09, 2017

Supplementing our diets with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are just not available in our food supply is important. Especially if we want to feel optimal health and vitality... Which is...


You Don't Get Enough Vitamins In Your Food

know your body Feb 28, 2017

Myth: Vitamins are a waste of money and all the nutrition you could ever need is in your food.

I bet you've heard that before. Heck, even I used to believe it before I learned. Here are my thoughts...


VOCM Interview: Dr. Nurse On Breast Cancer Prevention

q & a Feb 22, 2017


In June 2013, Dr. Nurse was interviewed by Claudette Barnes of VOCM radio on the topic: Top Tips For Breast Cancer Prevention! .

I've saved the recording and posted it here for you....


RECIPE: Ginger Lemon Tea

recipe Feb 15, 2017

This recipe for ginger lemon tea is an essential part of my cold-busting regimen. Essential information for anyone looking to get a head start on that cold/flu/sore throat. Good to use when you...


Are you interested in cycle charting for fertility/contraception?

industry news Feb 08, 2017


Remember back in health class when you learned about methods of contraception? Remember when you learned birth control pills or condoms were the only reliable prevent pregnancy? I do. I also...


MENTAL HEALTH 101: Change Your Mind, Change Your World

how to know your body Jan 30, 2017


One of the key facts they shared was "1 in 5 Canadians will experience a form of mental illness at some point in their life". I disagree. I would say that it's more like 5 in 5. Yip... that...


Got Heartburn? Try This No-Cost Trick

home remedy Jan 23, 2017

Heartburn. It's that burning gnawing pain just below the ribcage and breast bone that results when your stomach acid flows back up the pipe the wrong way. Usually after a bad choice of meal and...

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