Effective Dec 3, 2019, Dr. Laura is no longer booking patient appointments. Online wellness programs will remain available.

Online Wellness Courses

Ready to take the next step and invest in your health?  Browse my online wellness courses and start learning in minutes!

7 Day Naturopathic Detox - SELF SERVE

$50.00 CAD

The 7 Day Naturopathic Detox Program is a proven patient-tested food-based cleanse that has now changed the health of hundreds ...

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30 Day ZERO Sugar Challenge - SELF SERVE

$50.00 CAD

25% of people give up on their new health habit intentions within a week. If that's you, I can help. Let's start wi...

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5 Day CLEAN EATING Challenge


Hey friend! I know you have tons of info about healthy eating already. We all know what clean eating is all about. But actuall...

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D2FREE Diet & Lifestyle Program For Type II Diabetics - SELF SERVE

$150.00 CAD

Ready to change your diet and restore your blood sugars to healthy levels? Here’s How I Help My Patients Get Their Sugar...

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Find Out How Healthy You Really Are!

This self-assessment quiz will help you give yourself a quick, but thorough check-up on your health habits in 8 key health performance areas.

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